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This is a compilation of my VLOGS, please let me know what you think!! 


Hey guys!

So, I have not made a blog for a long time now, considering I did one everyday. Just thought I would drop by to tell you that I am still here, and will still be blogging, but at the moment, as I have started back at uni, I am trying to complete a few bits first. However, strangely, I have found time to make new videos on my YouTube page, go and check them out if you’re interested…

BenLow666<<Click<< please? 🙂

I am also planning my future at the moment too, so I will be doing a blog about that, shortly, when I have some more solid plans and details 🙂
Ciao for now guys!!


Hey guys!

So, I am yet to upload the final video to do with Welsh mutations. It is the Soft Mutation(Y Treiglad Meddal), and as I explained in the other videos (below), it is a lot in the video and I just hope it is clear enough. Watch the first two if you haven’t already.Find them by clicking here, and a new window will open, or watch them below.

Or, I could upload another video, and it would be an Italian video, of me saying the Italian colours. I have done this video, as it was requested by a viewer…and is the only one to have requested something. This video is proof that I do requests for what people what to hear me saying in languages!! I am only going to upload one of them.

So which one shall it be?

You decide! 😉


Hey guys,

just a quick update that the new Welsh video will be up shortly, which is the follow on from yesterday’s mutations; today is aspirate mutations – Y Treiglad Llaes.

Black and white – again! I still can’t get colour to work, but I am warming to it now…

I will post the link when it is up…or just go and look now…

>>    BenLow666    <<

Thanks guys!