Hey guys, just an update! 🙂
If you have not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, then just click the link from the video and then hit subscribe 🙂



Hi guys!

I would really appreciate it if you all check out my YouTube and let me know what you think of my vlogs, either by leaving me a comment here or under the videos you like.

I’m asking for this as I really enjoy making the videos and I would like some feedback to know what is liked and what isn’t liked…it is all for you guys anyway! I take your feedback very seriously and I will try all I can to do something about it.

Thank you so much in advance.

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New YouTube video being uploaded now…

Well, today, I have wasted my day by recording another video for my YouTube account, and it is a rerecording of a previous Italian numbers video. I have made this one because my accent wasn’t quite right, and I would like to perfect it as much as I can.
When it is uploaded to YouTube, I will post it on here too…not long to wait…I spent more time editing the video to make it look and sound pretty! 😉
Hope you like!
Ciao xx