iPhone 4S!

Hey guys!

So, I am finally going to be converting from Blackberry to iPhone…4S!! And I can’t friggin wait! I am beyond excitement!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my berry, it has done many fantastic things for me, and I will be so sad to be detached from its side, but I think it is time I owned an iPhone, don’t you? Many people have asked which one I am getting, black or white, and I have to say, I still prefer the black one…its original, and I have a black iPad, so it will match, I guess. I do like the white one, but just not as much as the black beauty!

I will be going with mum tomorrow to get it, and she is gonna have to keep me calm! I have been watching loads of review videos, and … well, just so excited like I said.

Anyway, I really must get some work done today, as no doubt I will not get any done tomorrow!!

See ya later!