Hi guys!

I would really appreciate it if you all check out my YouTube and let me know what you think of my vlogs, either by leaving me a comment here or under the videos you like.

I’m asking for this as I really enjoy making the videos and I would like some feedback to know what is liked and what isn’t liked…it is all for you guys anyway! I take your feedback very seriously and I will try all I can to do something about it.

Thank you so much in advance.

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Past tense in Welsh

This video has taken me all day to make, edit and upload. So, I hope you like it! 🙂

Just one for you…

Here is the first video I did on the Welsh mutations. They are very important to try and get to grips with as they can make your Welsh turn from good, to brilliant. It might be boring, but it pays off once you know them off by heart! Believe me…

A small problem I encountered a while ago teaching Welsh to some friends, was soft mutation. I said “Ti eisiau coffi, neu de?” My friends thought I was asking “you want coffee, or south?” … and thought it was a Welsh saying…whereas I was asking if she wanted coffee, or tea…tea in welsh is ‘Te’, but after the word ‘neu’ it turns with soft mutation, to ‘de’…which is also the word for south. But in this instance, you would know that if I was saying “or south” it would be “neu dde”, as d > dd.

So, check out these videos, so you don’t get caught out too!! 🙂


Hey guys!

So, I have not made a blog for a long time now, considering I did one everyday. Just thought I would drop by to tell you that I am still here, and will still be blogging, but at the moment, as I have started back at uni, I am trying to complete a few bits first. However, strangely, I have found time to make new videos on my YouTube page, go and check them out if you’re interested…

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I am also planning my future at the moment too, so I will be doing a blog about that, shortly, when I have some more solid plans and details 🙂
Ciao for now guys!!

No ‘I’ in ‘Team’ … there so is!

So, today I was at uni for the day with my friends, and I overheard a conversation (I was listening in to other’s conversations, I love doing that, don’t you?). That conversation contained the infamous phrase …

There is no I in Team

…and I so wanted to turn around and say, funny that, because in Welsh there is!

There is actually an i in the word team in Welsh, and it sounds exactly the same as the English word! The Welsh word is

Tîm (  T  î  m  )

It is so important in the Welsh word, that I is exaggerated!! How ironic is that! 😀 That little ^ over the ‘i’ turns the sound from an i to an ‘ea’ sound like in the English word ‘team’. Confused yet?

So the next time someone says …there is no I in Team…think of this?


Hey guys!

So, I am yet to upload the final video to do with Welsh mutations. It is the Soft Mutation(Y Treiglad Meddal), and as I explained in the other videos (below), it is a lot in the video and I just hope it is clear enough. Watch the first two if you haven’t already.Find them by clicking here, and a new window will open, or watch them below.

Or, I could upload another video, and it would be an Italian video, of me saying the Italian colours. I have done this video, as it was requested by a viewer…and is the only one to have requested something. This video is proof that I do requests for what people what to hear me saying in languages!! I am only going to upload one of them.

So which one shall it be?

You decide! 😉


Hey guys,

just a quick update that the new Welsh video will be up shortly, which is the follow on from yesterday’s mutations; today is aspirate mutations – Y Treiglad Llaes.

Black and white – again! I still can’t get colour to work, but I am warming to it now…

I will post the link when it is up…or just go and look now…

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Thanks guys!