Just one for you…

Here is the first video I did on the Welsh mutations. They are very important to try and get to grips with as they can make your Welsh turn from good, to brilliant. It might be boring, but it pays off once you know them off by heart! Believe me…

A small problem I encountered a while ago teaching Welsh to some friends, was soft mutation. I said “Ti eisiau coffi, neu de?” My friends thought I was asking “you want coffee, or south?” … and thought it was a Welsh saying…whereas I was asking if she wanted coffee, or tea…tea in welsh is ‘Te’, but after the word ‘neu’ it turns with soft mutation, to ‘de’…which is also the word for south. But in this instance, you would know that if I was saying “or south” it would be “neu dde”, as d > dd.

So, check out these videos, so you don’t get caught out too!! 🙂


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