No ‘I’ in ‘Team’ … there so is!

So, today I was at uni for the day with my friends, and I overheard a conversation (I was listening in to other’s conversations, I love doing that, don’t you?). That conversation contained the infamous phrase …

There is no I in Team

…and I so wanted to turn around and say, funny that, because in Welsh there is!

There is actually an i in the word team in Welsh, and it sounds exactly the same as the English word! The Welsh word is

Tîm (  T  î  m  )

It is so important in the Welsh word, that I is exaggerated!! How ironic is that! 😀 That little ^ over the ‘i’ turns the sound from an i to an ‘ea’ sound like in the English word ‘team’. Confused yet?

So the next time someone says …there is no I in Team…think of this?


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