Autumnal is certainly the word…

So, as I was walking to the shop this morning, it was very ‘close’ and quite warm…and then out of the blue, as I hadn’t really noticed as of yet, this gust of cold wind blew crisp, golden leaves into my path…it’s happening, the weather is certainly turning Autumnal!

From this happening, I have suddenly realised that this year has just zoomed past. My university term starts in March, as I’m doing a nursing course, and it literally only feels like last month that I was starting my final year of nurse training…to the point that I can’t remember what happened from March to now! That is bad!! Come October, I will be starting the last leg of my course, and I will be embarking upon a journal into being a newly qualified registered staff nurse; that is terrifying, but at the same time, I think I am ready for it, for a new challenge. I still have no idea where I am going to end up working…I have two preferred choices: working up here on the unit I am going on for my management, or starting a completely new life down in London, working in Great Ormond Street Hospital, in an intensive care career pathway. I am pretty sure that either choice will be available to me, I just hope both aren’t (I am rubbish at making decisions!!).

I know people say “oh, time will fly, don’t worry!” but I didn’t realise that one minute you’re thinking, “Yeah right”, and the next it is, “Oh crap! They were right!”.

Today, the streets are quiet around where I live, which is strange, as I am used to hearing kids playing out, screaming at the tops of their voices, scooters passing through, intertwining throughout the back lanes, and the smell of barbecues and sound of laughter…but not today…all I hear is the sound of the dry leave rustling on the floor. Sad really, this country doesn’t get much of a summer.

Time flies when you’re having fun!


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