More Welsh videos?

Hi guys!

So, I made a Welsh video yesterday, and it took me ages to make, edit and upload…but I don’t mind doing that as I enjoy making them, and sharing knowledge…but so far I only have about 18 views on it, and probably half of those are me when I have to go on to my channel to get the link…so I am just waiting to see if it gets more views, and then I will make the other lessons for the grammar. I may make one today, but make it is little more fun in some way.

I could quite easily make videos everyday, in the different languages…but I am not earning from them yet so that is a biiiig no no! I’d like to do an Italian speaking video, where I just say a long speech and see if people think my accent is good enough, and which parts I have to go back to the drawing board with. Like all languages, especially the ones I am learning, all have their own ‘mouth-forms’ (the way in which you place your tongue, and hold your jaw etc), and this can get confusing sometimes…for me, when I have just make a Welsh lesson, pronouncing the ‘ff’ as one f, and then writing words like ‘conffused’ instead of confused…it is a mind game! But I get there.

For those of you that read my blog, I would really, truly appreciate it if you could tell me what you would like to see me attempt with Italian, Arabic and Welsh…if you want me to say tongue twisters, phrases (clean ones please!) or anything, let me know by commenting, and I will see what I can do. I love to interact using different (oo, a word with ‘ff’!!) sources, and media, like YouTube and this blog, Twitter and Facebook, I love to make new friends, and I am fascinated by cultures and languages too. So, if you’re a new reader – GET IN TOUCH!

Thank you – Shokran شكرا  – Diolch – Grazie!

Bye – Ma’assalama مع السلامة  – Hwyl – Ciao!


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