I love the smell of new magazines!

Well, today I have been into university to meet up with my mates, and when I came home, I arrived to find the October edition of delicious magazine! I adore it, and have cooked plenty from it too! Like the title say, I just love the smell of new magazines, and books too…stationary, anything NEW! Am I strange for this? I do know a few people, and no, not just my sister who is very much like me, who also like the smell too. Do you?

But before I could sit down and enjoy a flick through, I wanted to make a new Welsh video, seeing as I have not made a Welsh video for quite some time now. So, it is not made, and currently uploading it to YouTube as I type (and for you early readers…as you read!).

The new video is about Welsh mutations, and specially about nasal mutations. I just hope the video is clear enough, as it can be a tricky subject to explain.

Well, as I wait for this new video to upload (it is 12 minutes long, and takes 3 hours to ‘finalise’ and then another hour to upload…a lot of work goes into these videos!), I am going to read my delicious magazine, and slip into the world where I have lots of money and time to bake and cook. One day, it will happen!! I am sure of it…

Do you subscribe to any magazines? Any worth a mention for me to investigate? Please, let me know, I’d be happy to gander.


Ciao a tutti!! … but stay tuned for my new video!


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