An Italian Breakfast.

I think I may have said in a previous post that the way I learn languages, is that i immerse myself in the culture as much as I can. This morning was no exception…

…Yesterday, I had bought some croissants;

  1. Because it had been years since I had them,
  2. and also, because a traditional Italian breakfast consists of croissants and cappuccinos (I had 2 because I love ’em).

I woke up, and felt in a very ‘distant’ mood, and by this I mean, I didn’t want to be in this dull, wet-summered country, I wanted to be elsewhere. That is when I remembered my bad boy croissants in my cupboard…whacked them under the grill and as soon as I could smell them warming up, I was transported to the wonderful country (I am yet to have been) that is Italy itself!

It may sound strange to some of you that aren’t learners of languages, but it is a style of learning, and it certainly works for me, I have to literally soak myself in as much to do with the country as possible, which gets me in the higher spirits to learn the complexities of the language.

I had sorted out a cappuccino, and started to sip away at that while searching for Italian music to listen to, when my iTunes decided to download the latest episodes of the Italian podcasts I have. So I decided to play one, and listen to the pure speed in which they spoke, and with the precise pronunciation – something that only comes with practice. The only things that would have made my experience  richer, would be if I could have made the cappuccino myself, and if I could look out of my window and see either grape vines wrapping themselves around old posts which have supported such vines for hundreds of years, and old ripe olive trees, or maybe looked out onto the little streets below, watching the people go about their morning routines in a little town, as the sun starts to bake the streets.

I have used this technique with all languages I have studied, and it comes from when I had to go to France in school, when I did AS Level French. We had to spend a certain amount of time working in a primary school in an old town, and there was a little café/bar that served chocolate chaud (hot chocolate, but not like our hot chocolate, it was proper melted chocolate bliss!). Me and my friend Vicky used to go for the morning lessons of teaching English (the only time we were allowed to speak our mother tongue), and then for lunch we used to go to this café and enjoy speaking English for a little more, before going back to school and then not seeing each other, or speaking English, until we met the day after…oh, how I miss those days! I used to do the same when I was learning Japanese, but I have to say, so far, Arabic and Italian are my favourite languages!

Well, I must get on!! Thank you for reading my blog, or – in italiano; grazie per aver letto il mio blog! 😉 Ciao!


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