My short trip to Milan!

So, I have just got back from Milan, yep really, well, on Google Maps anyway unfortunately. However, isn’t it amazing that you can actually walk the streets of various (not all) countries in the world? If I had to be the bloke (or woman for that matter) riding around … actually, what do they get around in … on my vehicle, taking pictures of the world, I would get confused as to which parts of the place I had already taken pictures of and end up messing up an entire city, of which you would be walking down a street, and suddenly end up the other side of the river or something. I would get very flustered with that job…good job I am a nurse then!

I have used Google Maps to hunt out areas of the place our family was going on holiday once, just to get a flavour for it, and also to tantalise my taste buds ready for the excitement of actually exploring the town where we were going. It was Crete, in a very old town called Episkopi (Επισκοπή) which is Greek for diocese. If anyone has been there, you will know why this town has this name, as I think the landlord of our villa said there was something like 27 Churches in the one small town. Can you guess which was our villa in this picture..from Google Maps?

If you look to the bottom of the page, you will see a big blue rectangle – that was our pool, and the only pool in the town! It was very much needed though with the heat, it was a godsend!

I prefer to go on holidays where culture is still very much the backbone to everyone living in the area. When we were in Crete, the ladies of the village used to bring us this large circular loaf of bread after every gathering at the local churches, with a bottle of olive oil. It was only until we spoke with one of the ladies who spoke English, that we found out it was a tradition dating back to the very first inhabitants of the village, where they would share out the spiced bread loaves between all of the villagers, so nobody went without food. And the olive oil was made by the family of the high priest of the village. You would then eat it with fruits from the garden, such as sun-warmed figs, grapes and pomegranates. Delicious!

Well, I think my next stop is going to be Rome … University Work!!

Ciao for now!


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