Io voglio essere capace di parlare l’italiano fluentemente.

So, from the title, one could say I speak Italian…but that is just the problem…

I do not!

…but I really want to. I love languages and I love culture, oh, and I love coffee and food…so Italy is a perfect place for me. If ever there is an Italian themed TV show on, then you can guarantee I will be a viewer! This link Rick Stein’s Taste of Italian Opera is an example of something I watched the other day, purely because it was about Italian food, and the links between food and opera – with Rick Stein (who I just love for his enthusiasm and love for good food). Opera is not usually something I am interested in, but the way he explains it in relation to the food and culture of Italians made sense to me and I could relate to what he was saying.

I am like that about languages that I learn, I have to find everything about the country fascinating in order to stay interested. I have dabbled in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Greek too, and I find all of their individual cultures amazing and inspiring.

The ways in which I am trying to learn my Italian, is through podcasts, listening to music, listening to the news, watching TV (both in Italian and English <with Italian themes), talking to Italian friends, and I am now on a website through a podcast that sets up pen-pals where you can practice writing Italian to each other, but as of yet, I have had no replies. 😦 Also, a great love of mine is cooking, and I love to cook Italian food, of which my favourite is ricotta gnocchi! Mmm delish!!

This is a link to a video I did of the Italian numbers but since then, I have become better at them, as I said a couple wrong. I like the YouTube learning, as you get really good feedback, and of course, it’s free!! I want to do a new video of me speaking Italian, but just to find out if I have the pronunciation right, just read from a book or something, I dunno.

I suppose, I am asking for your help now too, if you are able to speak the lingo of the Italians and wouldn’t mind helping me out with a few words, or if you have hints and tips on the language then I will be more than happy to listen 🙂

Right, Thank you for reading, and sorry if I have sent you to sleep with this post, but I like it 😉



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