Have you heard of Bachata?

So, this morning I was introduced to the world of Bachata, by a very good friend of mine, and wow, what a world it is. If you have not heard of it, then check out these examples I was sent:

And no, before you ask, that is not the only song they dance to, although it does seem quite popular doesn’t it?!

So anyway, this dance originated in the Dominican Republic and is now danced all over the word (not literally! That would be one way to loose weight wouldn’t it!). As you can see from the clips, it is a very ‘sexual’ dance, and that is what I love about it, the closeness to your partner, the rhythm created together, the swaying hips, and just the overall connection, I think is the word I am looking for. The whole soul of the dance comes from the movement of the hips, and that, to me anyway, symbolises a great deal of affection. The best thing about Bachata, is that is doesn’t require a lot of complex dance turns or moves, and a majority of the communication comes from the hands, which is yet another heart-tingling sensation I get about this type of dance, and that is true, soulful communication. You may not agree, but I think it is wonderful and an absolute talent to be able to dance properly like that!

I would really like to try it out, but they do move at a pretty fast pace, but I suppose it is all about practice, isn’t it?

Well, I hope I may have let some of you into a new part of the world…comment and let me know! Cheers!


2 comments on “Have you heard of Bachata?

  1. I never realised thats what it was called. I have been doing those moves for many a year on the dancefloors or pubs and clubs in Leeds, Manchester, London, Liverpool and New York!! lol

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