Here goes…


This is my very first wordpress post, and I have no idea what to say other than what I have done so far today…

Are you one of these people too, that has work to do but will always find ways around actually doing it? I am, as this is proof! I set this blog up today, TODAY, when I am supposed to be doing my uni work … sorry, I am a student Children’s Nurse, if you didn’t know already, and I have 6 months left so the work load is getting rather thick…but instead, this is what I have done:

  1. Sunbathed (in-between the clouds passing the glorious sunshine),
  2. Had another coffee (after only having one about half an hour prior),
  3. Actually was quite productive in getting my work out, looked at it; stood with my hands on my hips, then walked away – back outside to;
  4. Sunbathe some more…
  5. Tweeted (swallows my time),
  6. And now setting this up!

Yes, I am bad, but I just find it hard to get in the zone sometimes. I just guess once I post this I will have to get on with work…that is if I don’t get an overwhelming amount of comments (highly unlikely!!).

Anyway, if you would like to know some more about me, and what I like to do..head over to my YouTube page >> << and watch me progress with the camera!

If anyone speaks Italian, and wants to help me learn, then please feel free to get in contact, as that is the current language I am learning, that and Arabic. I am a registered PenPal on “” and I am enjoying learning it.

Well, I best go do something more productive, if you want to know what I will be writing about, I am unable to tell you, but there will be strong flavours of culture, languages, food, Starbucks and wine!

Ciao for now!


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